Friday, July 4, 2008

Bye... for now!!

Just wanted to stop by and say bye before I leave for my vacation! I'm heading to bed early... I have a massage appointment in the morning and we're leaving as soon as it's over. I'll be back in a week... don't have too much fun without me! :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vibrant Spirit

My kit now has a named, you guessed... Vibrant Spirit. Julie was the lucky one! She's actually the first person that posted a name and it just stuck with me. Julie, please send me an email at akp_02 (at) yahoo (dot) com and I'll give you a coupon for the kit! :)

For everyone else... how about 15% off the kit? I hope that will work for you! It's in the store now here. Just use the coupon code LoveMyReaders for the discount! Thank you for all of the wonderful suggestions and I'm sure I'll be using more than one of them for later kits.

Check back tomorrow and I should have some matching freebies for the kit as well. Some of the wonderful Sunshine Sweeties helped me out with some stuff so I'm going to share with you! Now I must go clean (blah!!!!) so I'll "see" ya later!

Name Me!!

Hello all!! I hope you're having a fantastic day (or had in my case b/c it's almost 1 a.m., you know my usual posting time lol)! I worked all day and then came home and finally finished a kit I've been working on for a few days! I was just STUCK and couldn't get anywhere on it! Now I'm stuck again and I need your help... My kit needs a name!!! Think you can help me out?

Here's how it'll work. I'll post a preview in just a moment and just leave me a comment with the best name you can think of! Whoever posts the name I choose gets the kit for free!! (Big Yay!! here lol) If I like your name and I think I might use it later, just not for this kit, then you may get a special gift as well ;) Oh and if the name I choose is posted by more than one person then only the first person that posted it wins!

Ok, ya ready???

Whatcha think? There's tons of stuff included in this kit... 12 papers and over 40 elements! So go ahead, hook me up with a great name!!

Oh, I must add.. You have to be quick lol. I'm going on vacation and I need to get this in my store by Friday morning so I'll pick a name Thursday night (don't worry I'm a night owl so it could be really late) :)

And... since you made it this far (in the reading process I mean lol) I have a freebie for ya! It matches this kit so you can get a sneak peak of it ;)
Click Here to Download

Well that's about it! I hope you enjoy and I look forward to seeing what names you all come up with! Later!! :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Hello all! I hope you haven't all abandoned me completely (even though I did you lol)! I've had such a time lately! My computer crashed on me :( but good news is I had ALMOST everything backed up. I've been without a computer, other than a crappy one to check my email on, until...... are you ready...?????
My AWESOME husband got me a new laptop for my birthday!!! I have been wanting one for months and months but never wanted to spend the money on it. My birthday is right around Father's Day so apparently he got a great deal on it, and he works at Best Buy so that helps lol. Soooo I'm back!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So to catch you up.... May was boring, nothing exciting lol. I went home for Mother's Day and saw my mom, brother, and grandparents. Justin's mom passed away the same year he had his accident that paralyzed him so his dad planted 3 of her favorite trees in his yard w/ stones, one for Justin, one for his brother, and one for me. He took pictures of it and I've gone to see it. It's super sweet and I'm sad I missed it since I was home. Other than that nothing happened. June was well... boring lol. I did turn the BIG 24... woohoo? I went home again for Father's Day and spent some time w/ my best friend, who had a short break from vet school. I spent most of Father's Day morning with my dad then went to my grandma's to see them and my mom again. I really miss everyone there :( I came home that Sunday and we took Justin's dad out to eat at Texas Roadhouse (DELICIOUS!). Then Wednesday (the 18th) was my birthday. I got my laptop on Father's Day actually because my husband is impatient. It took me awhile to get everything installed on it and I had to find Photoshop again but now I'm good to go! Since my birthday we haven't done much... just working a lot!
We are going on an awesome vacation on Saturday!! I can't wait! We never went on a honeymoon so this will be our first real vacation together other than a weekend visiting family and what not. We're going to Pigeon Forge, TN and staying in some cabins with Justin's best friend Danny and his g/f, Dayna. I'm off work Friday so I'll be doing laundry and stuff all week and then packing Friday. Saturday we're leaving and going to stay with Justin's grandma in Franklin until Monday morning. Then Monday morning we're leaving for Pigeon Forge and meeting Danny and Dayna there (they are in Kentucky right now seeing his family). Then we stay there until Friday morning and head back home and I've got the rest of the weekend to relax. :)
I guess that's it.. nothing real exciting happening around here. I'm working on some new kits and freebies but I don't have anything yet. Hopefully I'll have something for ya before I leave for vacation. I know I'm a horrible blogger and I keep leaving you all... bad me! I promise to try to post more and keep you updated and make lots of freebies! :) Well I'm out... later!