Saturday, August 30, 2008

Storewide Sale!!!

Woohoo! Sunshine Studio Scraps is having a STOREWIDE SALE for Labor Day!! Go check it out!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Need Sleep!!

Hiya everyone! I'm just dropping in real quick before I take a nap. I haven't been getting much sleep at all... too much to do and not enough time! I was up pretty late last night and I had to get up at 8 to make it to my hair appointment so I'm exhausted now. '
Things have been going great around here though! I've been looking for a job and I have an interview on Tuesday and I'm super excited about it. Just pray I get the job... if I do I'll tell you all more about it, but until then I won't bore you with the details. I finally got all of my stuff unpacked from moving a hundred times in a row (yeah a bit of an exaggeration but it really feels like I moved that much)! I spent the past few days doing nothing but cleaning our apartment and putting everything away. Finally last night and today I've been able to get some designing done... Yay! So I was just letting you all know I'm alive and should be back in the next couple of days with some new stuff and a freebie ;) Come see me soon!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Wonderful CT!!

So, the hubby and I took a spur of the moment trip to Shreveport, LA and went to the casino. We wanted to stay there but they were all booked up so we stayed at a near by hotel. We had a blast! We went to MS to get the rest of my stuff and stayed and hung out w/ friends and my family (mainly brother)... we had a really good time! But... all of that wore me out and I haven't had the time to announce my wonderful CT!! They are all amazing and I'm so glad to have these ladies join my team! Please help me welcome my new CT:

annamarie29 ~ Anna
bcnatty ~ Natasha
danimoy ~ Dani
domad ~ Madlen
DragonflySarah ~ Sarah
ehooton ~ Elaine
eloise24 ~ Erika
fliffy ~ Farha Shaifful
kelmichaels ~ Kelly
mamapajama ~ Steph
mandin ~ Mandi
my3hens ~ Sarah
petitefleur ~ Céline
rhuth79 ~ Ruth
schock77 ~ Stephanie
traeumerin ~ Jessi
winkasheart ~ Dawn

Some of these girls are permanent and some are guests but I love em all!!! They have done such a great job already and you can be sure I'll be showing off their layouts all the time!! Well I have a horrible migraine and I'm still exhausted from the traveling so I'm going to take it easy and watch some tv with Justin. I'll be back to designing tomorrow though... Yay! Later! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just checking in...

Hello all! I'm just checking in so you know I haven't forgotten about you! :)
Justin and I worked everything out while I was visiting and decided I should move back home with him (Yay!) so Monday I got what I could in my car, which is just enough clothes for a week or so and all my bathroom stuff (yeah that took up most of the car lol), oh and my sweet puppy! We're going back soon to get everything else but it has to be when Justin has some time off work or when his friend is off so we can take his truck. Things are going great though! I haven't gone to look for a job yet but I have to next week :( I've really been enjoying being a stay at home wife lol. I've kept the house sooo clean and cooked every single night... so I hope he doesn't expect all of that when I get a job again. He probably will though... *sigh*.
Really I'm quite lucky because Justin has always been great about helping around the house. He can't take out the trash which sucks... Ok I have this mental image now so I'll let you all get a lil giggle out of it too. My husband is paralyzed, as I've mentioned before, so picture a guy in a wheelchair with a huge FULL trash bag in his lap, tie strings in his mouth, Yes I said IN HIS MOUTH, balancing the bag while trying to roll down a ramp to the huge trash bin outside... it's ok... I know you want to laugh lol I did! So after that experience I'm a nice lil wife and I take the trash out lol. He does do all of the laundry though because I HATE doing that! A/w, he really does help out but I've been spoiling him the past few days and doing everything.
I was thinking of looking for a nanny job.... I could take care of cute lil kids and straighten up around the house and get paid! Sounds good to me lol. Or because I do plan on going back to school as soon as I get accepted I was thinking of another restaurant job? I worked for the Darden company (Red Lobster, Olive Garden, etc) for almost 3 years so I might try that again. I'd have a nice vacation check coming up soon when I hit my 3 year mark and they have pretty good insurance :) Any ideas from anyone? LOL I'm pretty flexible when looking for a job.. I just don't like being bored! Yeah... I'm babbling now.... lol...
Anyway... that's all that's going on in my "real" life as of now. I am working on a collab with another designer that should be done pretty soon! I'm super excited about it and I'll tell you all more about it later (when I know more LOL)! For now I'm going to fix myself breakfast! Later!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

After The Rain!!

So my new kit, After the Rain, is in the store now! Yay! It would have been sooner but I was enjoying my time with Justin so much I just didn't have time to get it all ready. Anyway... Here's a preview of it:
And I haven't announced my CT yet (coming soon!) but here's some GORGEOUS layouts made with the kit so far:
By Fliffy

By kelmichaels
By Träumerin

By mama_pajama
There's more in the gallery at Sunshine Studio Scraps and they are all amazing! And.. of course I've got a freebie for you that matches it, as promised! There's a quickpage and then a lil something extra for you that didn't make it in the kit. Here's a preview of the quick page:

Well I guess that about sums it up for today. I'm working on a collab with someone right now and I have a few ideas for kits but nothing in the works yet. I'm probably going back to Texas tomorrow or the next day so I'll be a little busy moving AGAIN lol but should still be around since I don't have a job yet. That's on my to do list for this week... find a job! Well night all! Enjoy!

Good news!!

I've such good news!! :) Tuesday night I drove to Texas to spend a day or so with my hubby. His birthday was today (well technically yesterday the 16th... it's 3:30 a.m. now lol) so he wanted me to come see him because he had Wednesday off work. Soo.. I got there around 9 p.m. Tuesday night and he got off work around 10. We hung out and watched a movie at the apt. I planned on spending all day Wed. with him then leaving on Thurs. to come back to MS. Things went so well I didn't come home until today (Saturday)! Everything was great and we talked and I'm going home, back to Texas to be with him, this upcoming week. We're waiting until his next day off so he can come get my stuff since it won't all fit in my car. Also he wants to see his best friend that still lives here, BJ. I'm soo glad! I thought we'd work things out eventually but I'm so glad it happened sooner than I thought. When I went he was thinking he still wanted some time to think or whatever he was doing while I was gone lol. After being together though he came to his senses ;) A/w, I didn't get any designing done while I was there so you can blame that all on him lol. I will be announcing my new kit later though. It's already in stores if you want to go check it out but I want to post about it and show off some of the layouts I've seen with it so far AND.... I've got a freebie to match it so come back and look for that later today. I'm about to head to bed though so I wake up a decent hour tomorrow :) Night all!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Stuff at Sun!!

So how is everyone doing? Fantabulous I hope! Yeah... that's a word now lol I stole it from my husband :) It's been a lazy day for me and I haven't gotten ANYTHING done. I stayed up all night, not really by choice but just couldn't sleep. I was planning to stay up all day so I could go to bed early tonight and get back on a normal sleep schedule but I fell asleep for a few hours earlier.
Something good did come of me not getting much sleep however. I have almost finished another kit! Yay!!
Here's a few snaps of it just for a lil teaser..
It should be completely finished in a day or so and in the store.. of course I'll let you know when that happens!

Now I have to show love for my other Sunshine Girls! They have some GREAT new stuff out over there that you NEEEED to go check out!

Claudi has this kit called Sonja out. It's just so bright and fun!
Monica has this absolutely GORGEOUS kit out, Crimson Gympsy. I know I'm about to go snag it up so I can make a layout with it!Lauren and Amy (Polka Dot Plum) just released Road Trip.. it's just perfect timing for all of those summer vacations!! I love all the elements in this kit!

All pictures are clickable ;)

Well... I need to get up and go eat and be productive so that's all for now. I'm getting my CT together and Wow is all I have so say! I'm sooo happy with everyone that has applied so it's going to be a tough decision!! LOL... really gone now... later readers!! :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Kit and a Freebie!!!

I'm on a roll lol a kit and a freebie in the same day!! And... I'm working on another kit (wooohoo!). Yeah... you guessed it... I'm having a boring day so I'm wrapped up in digital world :)

Here's my newest kit...
Inspired by Sarah's precious little girl, Lily, this kit is just perfect for the princess in your life! Includes:

12 Textured/Patterned Papers
4 Colorful Bows
2 Flair Buttons
2 Clustered Buttons
1 Adorable Princess Castle
1 Bunch of Calla Lilies
1 Single Calla Lily
2 Fabric Flowers
3 Paper Pieced Flowers
2 Clothespins
1 Paper Pieced Fence
2 Staples
1 Paperclip
3 Paper Word Art Pieces
1 Chrome Princess Crown
5 Curly Ribbons
1 Twisted String
Journaling, Stitches, and more!!

It's in my store now so go grab it!! :)

And... just for you and for sticking around this long here's a freebie :)

Anyway... I'm loving all of the applications for my call so far! Keep em coming :) I better get back to my kit I'm working on before I lose all inspiration... I'm outtie!

My First CT Call!!!

That's right, I'm having my very own CT Call! :) I'm super nervous about this but I'm finally back to normal and have sooo many ideas so I need some ladies to help me out.Requirements:
*3 layouts a month
*Post to 3 galleries (2 of your choice)
*Help promote my products
*Have LOTS of fun!!!

Call Ends Wednesday, August 13th.

Send Email with short bio, link to your most complete gallery, link to blog if you have one, and CT’s you are currently on to with CT Call in Subject!

I hope to hear from you!! (Yay!!! so excited! lol)

Friday, August 8, 2008

I failed...

Yeah, I failed once again as a blogger lol. Want my excuse this time? Hopefully you'll feel sorry for me and forgive me. :)

Well vacation was AMAZING!! We stayed in Franklin, TN with Justin's (my husband) grandparents Saturday and Sunday night. We had fun there and hung out with them and got caught up on family gossip lol. We left Monday for Pigeon Forge, which took about 3 hours. We got lost on the way because the lady told us once we took the exit to turn right at light #3 and go 9 miles and we'd be at our cabins. Well she forgot to mention that lights are actually NUMBERED there and she didn't mean the 3rd light, literally. So we took a detour but managed to find our way back. We made it to light #3 and went the correct way.. all the way up a mountain. It took awhile... the longest 9 miles seriously! Our cabin was wonderful though! Totally worth it! Our friends met us there, they were coming from their family in Kentucky so they took longer than we did so we had some alone time in the cabin ;) We stayed there until Friday morning and checked out. We spent all of Friday in town and then made our way home early Saturday morning (about 2 a.m.). We really had such a great time and I hope we get to go back next year.
So... the part that's kept me away... without getting into great detail my husband wanted some time to himself, more or less a separation. He told me this about 4 days after we got back from vacation. I gave him a week and after that's the only conclusion he could come to I came home to MS to stay with my parents. I've been here 2 weeks and HATE every second of it. My best friend is coming tonight though... she's in Starkville at vet school and has a week off. So I'm hoping this weekend will be better. I think I'll be going home to Texas next week and back to my normal self and schedule.
Good news is I don't have a job so after getting my external hard drive and all my designing stuff unpacked I was able to start on a kit or two. I'm hoping to finish one up this weekend and should have a lil freebie to go with it so check back!! :)