Monday, January 28, 2008

Freebie and Semi MIA

Hi all! I don't have very much time.. still super busy around here. Plans for moving have calmed down some but now I REALLY have to get packed and super fast. But I had time to get a freebie made for you... I actually did most of it last night but didn't have time to post it. So here it is...
There's 4 flowers and 4 buttons, preview is not to scale lol I was in a hurry. I tried my hand at some stitches and this is what I came up with :)

I also wanted to mention for those that are interested in my blinkies that I'll be slightly MIA until I get completely moved and settled. I would still be more than happy to help you out with your blinkie needs but it just may take longer to fill a request. Just shoot me an email at blinkies4you (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll let you know a time frame and such.

I will be without internet for a short time while we move, hopefully a VERY VERY short time otherwise I might go crazy lol. I'll be able to go to a relatives house to get on some but not too much. So sorry if there's a lack of freebies in the upcoming weeks :( I'll try and make up for it later!

Oh and can't forget the wonderful Valentine's Freebie kit I'm doing with the same ladies that did Whimsical Wonderland... It should be out the first week in February! Everything created so far is just amazing!! IF I'm not here for some reason I promise my part will still get released... moving or not!! ;)

Gotta call the hubby and head to bed so I train my replacement tomorrow! *Muah*

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Had a bad day again....

Morning all, or shall I say afternoon! It's the weekend so I slept late... my favorite thing (other than Justin of course). I absolutely HATE waking up early. I know sleep is different for everyone but it seems to be therapeutic for me. There's nothing a little sleep can't heal... well almost lol. So yep the weekends are my time to stay up all night and sleep all day! Yes, I'm backwards. I keep telling myself to find a night job again.. Note to self: Look for night job once you move to Texas! Anyway, I have to vent for a few and then I'm off to design some fun things! ;)

First, my non venting section of the post: Thank you all soooo much for all of the comments you've left me! I read EVERY single one of them on my comments and on the actual downloads. It really makes my day to read them so thank you for the taking the time to leave them for me! I'm glad you're all enjoying my freebies!!

Second, venting portion lol: Ok, ever feel like EVERYTHING is falling apart? Yesterday was one of those days for me!! Work was rather quiet for the first few hours so I should have known something was coming. Then of course a job that we did, that I did specifications for, was ALL wrong. The state sent back a 2 page letter of everything that has to be fixed... know what needed to be fixed? The Specifications!! A lot of it was nitpicking but we had one major problem that I don't know how we're going to fix, not really my fault at all, but a problem. I feel bad for Cyndi (who is taking my place at work) b/c if we don't get it figured out before I move then she's stuck with fixing it. :( Well that was bad news but not enough to ruin my day, right?! So of course Justin calls with a million things that have gone wrong with us moving to Texas. I don't even know if I can get into it all or I'll get all stressed out. He doesn't understand why I get so stressed b/c he said it doesn't solve anything, just stresses him out too b/c I'm stressed lol. He's very laid back for the most part and well I'm just NOT about that sort of stuff. I can be laid back about A LOT, but when it comes to packing up my whole life and moving it to another state, leaving half of it behind (my family, friends, JOB!), then I want a very thought out plan that will WORK!
Bad news: Justin tried getting a loan to get something off our credit from 2004 (old apt. complex) and he was denied. His best friend was going to go get one but can't get off work. Well that means we can't pay the bill off, we can't get an apt. in Texas. He thinks this is no reason to stress? Second, the job he had well... they ran a background check and misdemeanor came up for driving with a suspended license, so they can't hire him for 90 days?! WTF?! For one I didn't know that was a misdemeanor! I also had NO clue he had that on his record. He got a bunch of tickets a few years ago and they suspended it. We paid all the fees and got it taken care of. He's gotten 2 jobs since then w/ background checks, nothing came up. So why now?! So.. that job is out. The lady felt AWFUL b/c they really wanted him to work there and it was just a suspended license. So she told him to come back in 90 days and she could get him through no matter what. After those 2 things I was ready to just come home and sleep the rest of the day away. Well then he adds that b/c of the stuff on our credit, even if we pay it off, the apt. complex wants another 300 bucks for a deposit and I already paid them 150!! At that point I just wanted to cry and then sleep the day away lol.
So ready for the small good news? Here goes: We can't get a loan by ourself b/c we screwed up our credit in our early, non married days. A year or so ago my dad helped me get a small loan for school and it will be paid off in 2 months. So I called my dad and asked him if he'd help me get another one for school (in Texas). He said yes but not right now. So I told him I needed it by March 15 and I'm going to push for getting it next week. He's sick and told me to talk to him later when he feels better but he'd help me get it. Awesome, so now if I can talk him into doing it next week I have money to pay off the bill and the extra deposit, but what about school? Well Justin got his disability set back up in Texas and within 2 months we're getting back payments and such and we'll get about 10 grand! So then I'll have money to pay off the loan my dad helps me get, pay for school, and still pay off our other bills and we'll be debt free, other than my car. So that made me feel better.. now I just really have to talk my dad into going next week to get the loan lol.
Did I mention I miss Justin sooooooo bad? I'm so not used to this and I feel so bad for the women that have to be away from their husbands like this often for military or whatever reason. It's just miserable!! Like when I stress out, normally he hugs me/holds me and I just feel better, cheesy I know, but he just has that effect on me. Of course I talked to him on the phone when I was worried yesterday and he made me feel better but it's just not the same. 2 more weeks before I can be with him all the time again :(
Oh and I can't forget... I have SUPER good news!! I'm not sure of all of the details yet but Texas has a mandate to offer infertility treatments under insurance. Which from what I've read so far it's usually bigger companies (50 employees or more) and they have to offer it and it covers IVF (usually one cycle). Justin said he thought the mandate to "offer" also only applied to those that NEED it in order to have children. I also read they have a petition for mandate to COVER which would mean all health insurances would have to cover it. Anyway, the place Justin wants to work (go back in 90 days job) and the one he'll probably work for until then both have over 50 employees. So anyone live in Texas and know ALL the details on this? If I can get insurance that will cover it OMG that would make EVERYTHING worth it to move there!
So did you make it this far? lol if so good for you b/c I don't know that I would have!! Ok I took way too much time spilling my guts. I feel better though ;) I'll be back later with some more fun stuff!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ribbon Wraps!

Well I got another freebie for you! I've been obsessed with ribbon and bows lately so I thought I'd share some with you! I got the main colors, I think, but threw in a few extra pink/reds for V-Day! Here's a preview...
That's really it from me today! I've got some blinkies, cards/invites, and a few other things to catch up on.. lil busy bee is me!! Then tonight, probably after midnight, I'm going to get some plastic bins/tubs to start packing in. I don't do Walmart during the day and I try not to go at all until after 11 p.m. I normally go at 2 a.m. or so lol... try to avoid the crowds! Anyway.. gotta get to work! When I get a chance to post again I have some layouts and stuff to share with you! I'm out... Enjoy the wraps!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I finally have another freebie for ya! I didn't have time to post it until now. It's 5 Journaling Tags that are colored for Valentine's Day!

Be on the look out in the upcoming weeks because the wonderful ladies that brought you the Whimsical Wonderland freebie are working on a Valentine's kit!!! I'm so excited to be a part of it, of course! I'm not sure of a release date but I'm sure you can count on it being completely released by V-Day! I know you'll just LOOOVE everything that's being designed for you!! Keep checking back for more details! :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

More Sales?!

So there's sales all around!! OneScrappyMom is having a sale to celebrate selling at Plain Digital Wrapper!! Everything of hers is 20% off until Jan. 25th... YAY!! You can click the ad below to go check out her awesome products!
So I'm at work right now and soo tired! I definitely didn't get enough sleep last night but it was worth it to celebrate with my friend. I think I'll go home, pack, and maybe take a short nap before I head to Texas. I have to pack up all of Justin's clothes... fun fun (not!)! When I get back Sunday I'm going to rest then Monday I have to start packing all of our stuff and start training someone to take my place at work :( I'm so upset about leaving my job... I think I've said this a hundred times but I really do love my job! But my good friend Cyndi interviewed for my spot and they really like her. We have 2 more coming back to talk to my boss Monday and then they will make a decision. I like Cyndi of course and one other girl and I think they would both catch on quickly so I guess whatever they decide will work. I have a few things to get done Saturday while in Texas (as far as designing goes) and then hopefully I'll get a freebie or two done between Saturday and Monday :) Anyway, I'm outtie!


Ok so I'm exhausted b/c I just got home from celebrating my best friends birthday (24th... woohoo!) BUTTT I have something to share before I hit the sack! ScrapMatters is having a great sale!! So everyone go check it out! I for one am dying to see the new products!!
And yeah look at that... my name LOL I'm a dork and I'm excited so be excited with me! :)
Oh and don't forget to check out the team blog... It'll definitely be worth it, trust me!!! There's some great things going on there! ;)

I talked to my hubby today and well he's staying in Texas. I'm leaving as soon as I get off work tomorrow to take him the rest of his clothes and spend some time with him since I have to come back Sunday and stay here for the next 2 weeks, at least. My work is doing interviews for someone to take my place and then I have to train them for 2 weeks. I'm going to miss Justin so much so I definitely want to get as much time with him this weekend as I can. So if I'm MIA and there's no new freebies I'm sorry!!! I still love you all and thanks for checking in so much! I promise things will settle and I'll have lots of fun stuff for ya! Alrighty well infomercials are on and that's my cue to go to bed lol. Night!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

LONG week!

Well just popping in to say hello! This week is going by so slow for me it's ridiculous! Justin has been in Texas since Saturday and I miss him so much. He has a job interview Thursday (the 17th) and is going to find out if he can come home for the next 2 weeks or if he needs to stay and start work already. I woke up today thinking it was Thursday for some reason... I got to work and realized it wasn't and was super disappointed b/c I was hoping he would call and say he could come home!! If he finds out he's staying then I'm heading to Texas for the weekend to see him and take him some more clothes and stuff since he only took enough for a few days. Anyway, I'm getting a cold and it's getting worse and worse by the minute! I slept pretty much all night after I got off work (from 6:30 til 10 lol). So I didn't get any layouts or freebies done :( I'm well rested so as long as I feel ok tomorrow then I should have some time to get SOMETHING done! I have had a lot more time for the computer since Justin has been gone so I guess that's one good thing... good for my CT's and readers waiting for freebies anyway lol. Well I'm going to hunt down some food and then go to bed AGAIN! Night!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vday Freebie!

Aren't you all glad my hubby is out of town? lol I seem to get so much more done when he isn't here. Although I do miss him tons! He won't talk to me on the phone today b/c there's 2 games on that he just HAS to watch. He's at his dad's waiting his dad and little brother to get home from Texas then I'm sure he'll be wrapped up in video games for the rest of the night. Well here's the small freebie I got for you....
I have a few invites/announcements to make so I better go! Hope you enjoy them!

Busy, Busy!!

I finished my groom layout last night! Yay!! Here it is...
Of course it was also made with OneScrappyMom's Shabby Love Story kit! :)

Yesterday I found out something very exciting for me! I'm now on the ScrapMatters CT!! There's tons of talented ladies over there and I'm so happy to be able to scrap and show off their products! There's a challenge listed on the ScrapMatters blog. It's a blending challenge and I've never really done too much with blending so I gave it a whirl! Here's what I came up with...
It's made with Ellie Lash's kit, Bliss, which you can find at ScrapMatters!

And last but not least I made a layout using Kiki Halbert's Graphical Botanicals kit
It's a wonderful kit and has the greatest colors!!

Ooh, I'm also in the middle of uploading a freebie for you!!! So I'll be back in a few with that!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Here comes the bride...

So OneScrappyMom (Bobbie) came out with this amazing kit called Shabby Love Story. I would love to say I had something to do with it lol All I did was ask for a non traditional wedding kit and she came out with this...I just LOOOOVE it and was so excited to get started! I plan on doing a few pages with it but this is one I did first, featuring myself of course lol
You can get this lovely kit here at Elemental Scraps
Well I guess I need to update my CT's and blinkies!! I don't know why I haven't thought of it sooner! I need to add my blinkie for OneScrappyMom. :) Well I'm off to make a page for my handsome groom and create some sigs too!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

When will things slow down?!

So last week, maybe the week before.. I've been so busy I can't keep up with time lol.. I bought these AWESOME quick pages from Flergs and I've been dying to pop my pictures in them! Sad that it's taken me this long to be able to throw some pics in some already made pages huh?! But I'm MORE than happy with them! They are just perfect!! Here's one... :)

The colors are perfect for my wedding!! They also go great with my pics from my nights out with my girls :) I bought the kit as well but yeah... no time to play with it yet!

As for me and my life... We found a place to live!!! Yay!!! We found something at about 3 p.m. Monday afternoon. I was worried I would leave Texas and not have a place to live when we go back. It's a pretty nice apartment and after we get settled some more there we plan on looking for a house or something of the sort. I still don't have a job but I guess I can't get everything done in one day. I have to make a resume and start sending it places so maybe I'll have something by the time I go. Justin is actually going Monday without me and then I'll be going in about 3 weeks. He's going to stay with his dad until I get there. Him and his friend are coming to get me (kind of.. I'm still driving my car there lol) and our stuff (his friend has a trailer we can haul it on) and then I'll have to get there and unpack for days. So not having a job right off might not be so bad. Anyway... I'm really hoping to get some layouts and FREEBIES!! done while Justin is gone... it'll keep my mind off missing him! Sorry I haven't had anything for ya in a bit.. :(

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Such a Slacker!!

OMG I haven't been on here in a week!! What's wrong with me?! I've had sooo much going on. Mainly getting ready to make a big move, from MS to Texas. I let my work know last week... and my family. They all took it better than I expected. I'm really upset about leaving my job :( I just LOVE it... it's an AWESOME job! I have the best boss and I work with the greatest people. Not to mention I get paid well and have some pretty good benefits. I'm going to miss all of them a lot so it was hard to tell them I'm leaving. My parents didn't flip out as I expected and my brother said he'd be cool (we live w/ him and pay him rent) and to do what we gotta do. So we came to Texas Friday as soon as I got off work. We got here kinda late so we just hung out. Then Saturday we spent all day looking for a place to live... found NOTHING. Mainly because nothing was open. Only one or two apt places were and no one that had duplexes were answering. Today we kinda chilled out and I looked online for jobs, Justin printed his resume, all that good stuff. Tomorrow we're waking up early to go look for a place to live and maybe a job for me if we have some time. Anyway, that's where I've been!! I'm hoping things calm down soon b/c I'm tired of being so TIRED lol I'm heading to bed since I have a long day tomorrow.. night!