Saturday, March 29, 2008

CT Call!

Our CT Call is officially over! I ended it a bit early because we already had so many great applications! I should be announcing our new Sunshine Sweeties by Monday :) Thanks for your support and interest!


My wonderful, AMAZING friend (and only CT Member lol), Sarah, made a gorgeous quick page for you all! It's made with my new kit, Tropical Punch. I just love her page she made so I think I'll have to use it soon as well! I hope you like it!

Monday, March 24, 2008


The Sunshine Girls are looking for some Sunshine Sweeties!

3 layouts a month
Post in 3-4 galleries, including DST
Have fun!!!

If you’re interested please send an email to with a short bio and a link to your best gallery!

Call ends March 31st!!

You can find our official Sunshine Blog here!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sunshine Sweets

Welcome to the Sunshine Sweets 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt!" The Sunshine Girls (and surprise... we've added a Mr. Sunshine to our little designer group) hope you enjoy our newest collaborative freebie "Sunshine Sweets".

In the spirit of a traditional Easter Egg hunt we've decided to send you on a little, and VERY easy, hunt for our freebies! Simply click on my egg and download my freebie... inside your download will be my portion of "Sunshine Sweets" along with the link to the blog of another Sunshine Girl (or guy! LOL) just follow that link and click on THEIR egg...their download will contain the link for the next blog... and so on and so on...

Oh! and what would be an Easter hunt without the GOLDEN EGG?? Somewhere during your hunt, you will download the Golden Egg, this link will take you to somewher
e where you've NEVER been before, someplace NEW and VERY exciting!! This new place will have a great surprise for you (and only you, our loyal egg hunters)! This surprise will also contain a link that will help you continue on your hunt until at last your journey brings you back to my little blog... where your hunt will be complete!

No hurry...all of our links will be active for plenty long enough for you all to find your eggs, crack them open and enjoy your sweets in time for Easter! So, get busy...have fun and have a great Easter!!!

UPDATE: There seems to be a teensy mix-up. If you came here looking for the next "egg" and you realize you already have MY "egg", here's the solution: Go to Trish's blog and keep going from there!! Hope this clears things up for those of you who seem to have hit a dead end! Thanks for your patience and understanding!!


So here's one part of my wonderful news :) The Sunshine Girls have worked together to create our first in-store collaboration! YAY!! I know you want to see it so here's a preview...
It includes over 80 papers, 180 elements, and 7 alphas!!! It's over 750MB! Say it with me now... WOOOOWWWW!!!! You can buy the kit as a whole or just the Bright and Sunny or Shabby and Chic kits. We also have glitter, plastic styles, brag books, and more!
I know, you're excited so you want to go buy it now, right? So here's the list of places you can find it, just click them to go straight to the kit!
Ellie Lash Designs
Sugarplum Paperie
Web Designz by Kristi

Ok, well I got on here while at work to share the news so I better run! I'll be back tomorrow with more great news and a freebie!

So busy!!

I've got so much going on and so much great news for all of you that I can't quite share yet ;) It's very exciting though, trust me!!

I will let you in on a little fun we're going to be having later this week. Our Easter freebie collab will be posted shortly and you'll have a small Easter egg hunt to find all of your goodies!! Don't worry, it's an EASY one! There's also a golden egg waiting somewhere for you... somewhere new ;)

Oh and check out the ScrapMatters blog because I was lucky enough to host the Words for Wednesday and there's a small freebie waiting for you over there!

So keep checking back... there's so much fun stuff ahead!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

HUGE freebie!!

Ok, well it's not ready YET but I have some great news! You may have already read this on the other blogs [of the Sunshine Girls], but we're working on another HUGE MEGA FREEBIE COLLAB for ya! It's going to be for Easter and it's FABULOUS! So that's why I haven't had another freebie... I'm trying to get stuff ready for this kit which will be well worth the wait!

I'm also in the process of trying to switch my blog over to WordPress so if something seems off in the next few days then just bare with me :)

Nothing new going on here other than that, really. I'm all settled in and really enjoying Texas. I'm loving my job so far, it's very interesting and laid back. I love how close I am to everything, only 10 minutes or less to anything I need. Of course, Dallas and Shreveport aren't too far away if we want to go out and have a fun weekend or whatever. So all is well with the move!
Alright, well better get back to work... keep checking back so you don't miss out on the mega freebie!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Me again!

Since blogger is being nice and I have a few minutes of down time I'm going to post the rest of the yummy stuff from my store at DC :)
Here's a sweet little vintage alpha:

My rubber bands I had before as a freebie were quite popular so I made some more... I like these more for sure! It comes w/ a piece of card board as well. :)
And some lovely wraps with a vintage frame! They are all separate so you can put them on other frames if you'd like. I'll have more stuff coming soon for ya! Hope you like it all :) I'm outtie for now!

Sweet As Sugar!!

Good morning all!! I'm having a good morning so far... I got a lot of rest last night! I didn't go to sleep the night before, no idea why though, just didn't feel good I guess. So I went home last night and ate and spent a few moments w/ the hubby then went to bed. I did manage to upload my freebie to Digital Candy though :) Soo... here's a preview, it's called Sweet as Sugar
You can click on it to go get it in the Digital Candy store! :)

Also for all of my blinkie lovers, you can now purchase my blinkies in the DC store as well. I'm very excited about this. I think this will help me keep things straight and make the wait time shorter than usual since there will be some sort of order to my requests. Alright well I better go before my boss kills me lol. Thanks for stopping by!!! *Muah*

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Candy!

I just stopped by before I head to bed to show off my "Candy" I have at Digital Candy! I hope you'll go by and check it out! There's also TONS of wonderful designers there so something for everyone :)

Here's a cute lil mini kit made just for boys called Snakes N Snails:Ok and I would show you more but Blogger is being slow :( It won't upload my pictures. But just click that kit to go to my store.
I'm working on a freebie but it's 1 a.m. and I have to work in the morning bright and early so I better head to bead! I'll be back tomorrow :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm a Candy Girl!!!!

So please forgive me for not having a freebie but I have a really good reason (lol I'm full of excuses huh?) But really this is good!! I'm now a Candy Girl!! Yay!!!

Click the blinkie above to check out my store! There's not much yet but I'm super super excited and I hope you all like it!!
Anyway, I was uploading my stuff and doing my packaging tonight and of course I was doing blinkie orders! Which reminds me, pretty soon my blinkies will be sold from Digital Candy. I think this will be a lot easier for me and my customers so I'm looking forward to having them up in the store. Ok well.. I STILL have blinkies to make lol.. I'm a busy girl these days! So I'm gone again.... I shall return! Later :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I have a blinkie!

Hi all! I know what you're thinking... I have internet and I'm STILL not around all the time, right? Well yesterday (and still today actually) I had the WORST migraine ever. I was having hot flashes and couldn't look at the computer for more than a few minutes at a time. Not fun at all! I feel a little better today so I'm going to try to get as much done as possible. Before I start all my work I had to share my new blinkie!!
I know it sounds crazy since I make them for everyone else but I can't make my own for anything. I asked the wonderful Sunshine Girls (from the freebie collabs) if they knew of anyone that could make me one and Monica's husband, Vasco, volunteered! How sweet of him!! :)

So I need everyone to go check out his blog, MoonScraps, and leave him some love! He just started scrapping and is doing a terrific job! :)

Ok well I have LOTS of blinkie orders to get done and then hopefully I'll have time for a freebie ;)