Monday, December 31, 2007


I got a freebie for you! Finally, huh?! things have been so insane around here but I think they finally might be settling down. It doesn't hurt that my hubby is gone at a friends playing video games lol. So here's the preview... Just some rubberbands to add to your layouts! Hope you have fun with them!


I also got a layout done for Bobbie- OneScrappyMom! It's of my cousin's lil girl at my wedding. She was blowing bubbles as we left... so cute!

It's made with her Rustic Love kit (which is very versatile!) and you can find it at Elemental Scraps.
Anyway, I'm off to take a nap since I'm all alone in PEACE and QUIET for once! :)

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I finally got around to making another layout for Kiki!! It's with her beautiful Celebrate kit which you can find at Here it is...
I had to use my new pictures of Justin and I, of course! :)

Hopefully I'll have time for another freebie for you later tonight or tomorrow. I've been slacking, huh?! One good reason for the holidays to hurry up and end. Although I'm looking forward to having Tuesday off work lol! Anyway, check back later this weekend :)

Friday, December 28, 2007


I finally finished cutting up the alphas! I'm uploading them now and here's the preview
So far only the Lilac is uploaded, they are large files and taking awhile. I'll add the other links as they are finished! Don't forget to stop by and thank Monica for creating the alphas and Flergs for the use of her glitter!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Hiya! Just wanted to update everyone.... I left yesterday for Texas at about 5 p.m. and got here around 9:30 last night. I surprised Justin (and his little brother because he was ECSTATIC!) with Rock Band for the 360. Justin didn't understand why I was so adamant upon bringing that thing until he saw Rock Band in my trunk lol! They hooked it up and played for hours! Justin just left with his dad to go buy his little brother his own 360 and Rock Band to surprise him for Christmas. Justin gets a discount on them so he had to ride along. Anyone have children (or husband) with Rock Band? "clack, clack clack clack, clack, clack...." lol that's all I hear from the drums. Oh well at least they are having fun, right?! Anyway, Just wanted to let you know where I am and why I don't have any freebies :( I have the internet obviously and my photoshop with me (of course!!) so maybe when they are playing their video games I can get something done. I'm almost done with all of the Alphas for our kit too. Sorry these are taking so long... Holidays tend to get in the way of everything, huh?! I'll have them cut up, zipped, and uploaded in time for all of those beautiful Christmas layouts though! Well we're off to eat lunch at Red Lobster (i think they forgot I worked there for THREE years lol)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snow Alpha

I finished cutting up the next alpha for you!! Here's a preview...


Don't forget Mónica was nice enough to make these for you, using Flergs' lovely glitter so don't forget to stop by their blogs :)


I don't have anymore alphas for you. Mónica has already made them for you but I'm supposed to be cutting them apart and zipping them up, b/c I have an easier/faster way of doing it. Unfortunately I had too much going on tonight to finish them but I'll try my best to get them all done tomorrow night and Thursday. I do have my work Christmas party/dinner tomorrow night and I'm not sure how long it will last so we'll see. Thanks for being patient with us! :)

I wish I had another freebie for you right now too :( But I just finished up my own Christmas card (yeah, I'm SUPER late) and some blinkie orders I had, now it's bed time! I have a few things in the works though! Check back in the next few days for freebies from me and the alphas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I got pictures of me and my hubby!! yay!! Here's a slideshow so you can check em out...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Label Maker Freebie

I'm bored at work again so I made a small freebie for ya! The preview isn't the prettiest but I'm lacking in resources on this old computer lol.


Nothing new going on with me! I'm working on a cute (at least I hope it's cute) lil boys kit! The holidays seem to be slowing everything down as far as designing goes. My mama did call me today to talk about Christmas. We normally go to Vicksburg to my grandparents house and have lunch. My dad hunts the entire holiday so he leaves the woods long enough to come eat with us and open presents. We go ahead and do our Christmas with my parents then too since we don't really go all out anymore. They think we're too old or something lol. Anyway, we usually eat lunch there, open presents, then Justin and I leave and head for Texas. We get to his dad's and hang out and wake up and do Christmas morning with his dad and little brother, eat lunch and then just hang around and drive back that night. It's a long trip but worth it to see his family. I know he loves getting to spend Christmas with Devin (his lil bro). Soo... since Christmas Eve falls on a Monday we wanted to leave early (Sat. or Sun.) and go to Texas to get in some extra time with them. I told my mom to ask my grandmother about it, if she would mind doing our thing in Vicksburg Saturday lunch instead. My grandmother apparently already made her mind up that she's doing lunch on Christmas Day this year whether anyone is there or not. Needless to say, we WON'T be there because we'll be in Texas as we are every year. My dad isn't going to be there because he made plans to go hunting in Texas and said he's not driving that far on Christmas Day. I doubt my brother goes if I won't be there. So it's just going to be my mom. My grandmother said it's because she's tired of being alone (my grandfather is still alive... so she's never REALLY alone) on Christmas Day... a lot of good that does when no one will be there now because we had planned around NOT doing it Christmas Day. Besides, I'm not making Justin give up Christmas Day with Devin. I just babbled on a lot, didn't I?! Oh well.. it frustrates me. All that so she won't be lonely and now she won't even see us for Christmas at all. Ok I'm done now lol... Enjoy the freebie! Come back in a day or two and check because I'm working on another freebie for you!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I just got the blue alpha finished up... here's a preview...

Hop on over to Monica's blog and thank her for making them and also Flergs for the use of her glitter!! :)

Pink and Light Green Alphas

Ellie just got these 2 finished up so here's the pink...

You can download it here

and here's the light green
You can download it here

I'm working on uploading a few more of them now and should have them up shortly :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A little something....

EXTRA! We had a few requests for the alpha used on our teaser bags.. the one "Whimsical Wonderland" was written in. Monica was the one that created that for us and she was nice enough to create an alpha for you... she actually did one in every color. The font is Beyond Wonderland and she used Flergs glitter to make it. We are trying to get them all packaged up for you but here's the first one that Ellie finished up. The rest shouldn't be far behind...

You can download the Red Alpha HERE
Enjoy and don't forget to stop by Monica's blog and thank her for her extra work!

Whimsical Wonderland!!!

**I've still had some comments that the links are not working... Please be patient. We've had A LOT of downloads which is causing it to give errors when it's too busy. If you get any errors for any of our parts just please try again later. Thanks!!! **

Well our 12 days are over!! We have a surprise for you though! :) We have an extra day of wonderful freebies for you! Go check out Shawn's blog at Quick Page Love to get her part!!

Previous Days:
Day 1- Ellie
Day 2- Flergs
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Day 4- Michelle (IdziBitsy)
Day 5- Nicole at SugarplumPaperie
Day 6- Polka Dot Plum
Day 7- ME!! Look below for my part! :)
Day 8- Trish from Templates N More!
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Friday, December 14, 2007


I'm so excited!! I've been wanting one of this chicks that I see on some scrap sets (for packaging/logos). They are just TOO cute! So the lovely Ellie Lash of Sugar Snap Scraps mentioned she was thinking about selling some like the one she uses! I'm privileged enough to be one of the first (Maybe the First?) to get one of her beautiful chicks! She just sent it to me and I'm so happy!!! This was packaged with it and it shows both her chick and the one she just made for me (the blond of course lol). I put the sample over it as I'm not sure how she feels about it just being posted for all.
Isn't she the cutest thing ever?! Hopefully Ellie will start selling these soon for everyone (hint hint, Ellie) because I know a bunch of women will just love em and want one! Ok well I have blinkies to make and a husband to feed... later!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Well Lucky You... I got bored at work and made a small freebie for you :) It's 5 Holiday Words in gold. Here's a preview...

Hope you get some use out of it! I have another freebie I'm working on that I will finish up when I get off work tonight and post for you tomorrow! Gotta get back to work... later..

Monday, December 10, 2007


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone! We've all had such nice comments about our kit it's amazing!! They definitely make up for the few negative ones we've had! Someone posted that the people who say negative things just need to be prayed for. I think they are probably right. We all have bad days... I had a bad week so I know. I'm just going to hope those people realize they were being a sour puss, send them happy thoughts, and move on! :)

I'm feeling much better today than I have lately. My mom came home today from her cruise. I stopped by and saw her for a few minutes. She had her hair braided in Mexico in those tiny tiny braids with beads, all over her head... it's so funny! I never thought my mom would do that! My dad hasn't seen yet but I'm sure he'll be shocked! She told me she got me a shotglass from everywhere she visited, except Mexico because I went in August and got one there myself. I collect shot glasses by the way. I have well over 100 of them and have never drank out of them lol. I'm not sure why I like them... they're just pretty I guess. Anyway, after that I went and got Justin and I McAlister's for dinner. It was YUMMY!!!

And... I have another small freebie for you. It's just some papers. I was playing with colors and liked these but couldn't think of anything to go with them for a small kit so it's just some paper.

Nothing else going on around here... I'm dreading going to work tomorrow! I'm just fed up with the 8 to 5 job. I want something unpredictable again like restaurants. Not much longer though and we'll be moving to Texas so I won't be dealing with it anymore. I really do have a GREAT job. I have a wonderful boss and I like everyone I work with, well for the most part lol. My boss is very understanding about personal things. We don't have a set amount of sick time... it's just kind of like do what you have to but don't take advantage of it, which is nice. He lets us leave during the day to do things that you can't do at night like get license, meds, doctors visits, etc. So I'm going to miss all of that. If only he'd let me work at night or switch my days up or something... guess that wouldn't do an architect much good, huh? Oh well. I have Texas to look forward to!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Last day of strawberries

Well here's part 4, the last part, of my strawberry kit! Not all of it is shown in the preview but here it is...
Overall I'm happy with it. There's some things I'd like to improve upon but it's my first full "kit" so there's a lot to learn!! Oh and I realized afterwards that I didn't rename the files like I should have... I don't have the time to go back and change it now but I probably will sometime tonight :) I was working on another freebie for you last night and Photoshop was apparently mad at me and closed down so I gave up for the night but I'll be finishing it up later too!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

True Love

I've had the pleasure of joining Bobbie M's CT! You can check out her store here. She's got some great stuff! I made my first LO today for her...
Everything is Bobbie's except the safety pin (atomic cupcake) and tag (Kiki Halbert). Most of it came from Bobbie's Butterfly Dreams kit. I HAD to use it because of the name of the kit... ButterflyDreams is my s/n most places and has been for a long time. :) The stitches are her Colored Stitches, Curly ribbon came from her Birthday Bash kit, other ribbons came from her Messy Ribbons (CU ok), and the doodles are also hers but aren't available in the store anymore.
Anyway, I'm planning on scrapping most of our engagement pics and then wedding. You should be seeing a lot of my husband and I lol. I'm about to start on another LO and then I'm going to cook dinner (Yay.... so much fun!) I'm outtie!


confused, angry,... just a few things I'm feeling right now... It was brought to my attention that we had a slightly negative comment left on one of the blogs participating in the Whimsical Wonderland kit. It says, "Thanks for the awesome freebies... But may I say, its almost more headache then its worth, some times you girls don't post your freebie on time, some people have limited PC time and to keep going back to see if she finally posted gets a wee annoying..Then one blog says go here and nope its some where else. More headaches... But thanks for the efforts. Happy Holidays!!"
Normally I let things roll off my sleeves. I know you can never please everyone with every thing you do. I've learned this through many things and mainly from making signatures for people on various sites over the past year. Everyone may love it but the person you're making it for may hate it. We all have different tastes and that's one thing that makes us all so interesting. But that comment really bothers me for several reasons...
More headache than it's worth? Then don't download it. No one is forcing you to. Kind of like forums that you don't like what is being said, don't read it.
We don't post our freebies on time? How can you put a time on this? Make note that the girls helping with this kit are in different times zones, completely different time zones. We have me in Central time, a few in Eastern, Flergs in Australia which puts her about 15-17 hours ahead of all of us, etc. So I'm not sure how we can be late... we are posting when we have time as we all have lives and like I said are in different time zones so it's impossible to get us all online at the same time to post everything at the same time everyday.
You have limited PC time? Well great! We've made this easy for you... all links are permanent so come back and download them whenever YOU have time.
One blog linked to the wrong blog for the next day? Oops, we're human... we make mistakes and we're sorry.

Also, let me point out that we all have husbands, children, jobs outside of being on the computer, families, pets, hobbies other than scrapbooking, etc etc. This is fun for us and that's why we made the kit. We do it when we have EXTRA time so I'm just baffled by that comment and the negativity. If it's such a headache then why bother. Like I said, I normally don't let this stuff bother me(I'm also very open and will speak my mind whenever if you haven't noticed), especially with things I design b/c I make them for ME! It's my creative outlet and I enjoy it. So if I design something someone else wants to use then that makes it even better for me, if not then I'm still happy. I'm just one of those that thinks don't like it, don't do it.

Sorry for my vent. I just don't understand people sometimes. All of the positive comments have been wonderful though! I did get an email with someone having some issues opening the files from all of the days and they were able to open one of mine. I'm not sure what the problem is but I have asked the other girls. I do not run Vista because it limits a lot of your programs so I'm no help when it comes to it. Hopefully we'll be able to help you soon though!

Whimsical Wonderland

Well it's here!! It's my turn to release my part of our MEGA Whimsical Wonderland kit!!! It's a surprise but I have a small teaser for you below!

Here's a holiday card template... just plop your photo behind it and add some text at the bottom if you'd like! Here's a sample with a picture of my husband and I...

It's 4"x6", 300 dpi, png

Alright... here's my part...
Enjoy and leave me some love!!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

More Strawberries!!

I finally got some more of my Strawberry kit zipped up for ya! Not everything is shown below but here's a small preview....


Tomorrow is my day for the Whimsical Wonderland kit! I'm very excited but also nervous! If you're a late nighter like me then you can catch my downloads tonight, probably around 11 my time (central). I've gotten so behind on everything this past week that I didn't think I would make it!! Well I'm going to cook dinner and then work on some scrap pages! I'll be back later! :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I feel like such a slacker... I still don't have anymore of my strawberry kit zipped up. I was exhausted last night and didn't get around to it. Today I was really tired all day and then my best friend, Erin, called and said that my ex b/f Kris was killed in a car accident this morning (Tuesday morning since it's after midnight this post will show as Wed.). We have been broken up for years but it's still such a shock and has hit me harder than I expected. I guess because he was my first love and well a lot of firsts for me. We broke up in 2003 so almost 5 years ago... I started dating Justin and Kris got married and had a little boy who is now almost 2 years old. I can't imagine how his wife feels. Their poor baby has no idea what is going on... I hate that for him, for them. :( Anyway, since hearing that I haven't felt like doing much at all. I was online for awhile tonight but not doing much of anything. I didn't do anything productive at all. Erin is driving down from Starkville to make it to the funeral. Visitation is tomorrow at 5 and if Erin is back in time I'm going to go to that with her. If not, then I'll just go to the funeral, which is Thursday. I really don't want to go alone. I can't stop thinking about how his wife must feel... it just breaks my heart. It's definitely a reminder that life is short and we should cherish every moment!! Well I meant to go to bed 2 hours ago so I think I'm really going to do that now. Sorry for the downer :(

On a happier note, the next day of our kit is up and ready to be downloaded. Check out Michelle's blog by clicking on her can in my stickied post. You don't want to miss it!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007


I've had such a great response to my custom blinkies!! I'm very excited and have enjoyed making them all so much! :) I made a new email just for my blinkies so I don't confuse myself lol. The other email listed is my email for everything so I figured it would be better this way. The email I created is I'm going to update my old post as well :)

I'm about to get more of my strawberry freebie ready for you too! Yay! There's still a good bit left... maybe 2 days worth!!

Don't forget to follow our huge freebie collab! Today is Kristi's day... she's got some awesome stuff you so go check it out! Michelle(IdziBitsy) is the next day so look for her links and bookmark her!!

I'm off to try and zip up some more of my kit and then head off to bed! Night!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I made my first LO for Kiki Halbert!! It's made with Craft Basket Finds

Everything came from her kit except the "love" I made myself :) The font "2006" is in is Pea Sara. It's such an amazing kit and there's so much to work with!! Here's a preview of it..
You should definitely go check it out! I just fell in love with it!

I think Flergs has her part of the freebie kit up already!! We've had such a great response and can't wait to get the rest of it out! I still need to package my part and get it ready to go. I believe my day is next Saturday!! I have a bit of time but I don't want to procrastinate lol.

Nothing new going on in my world. The weekend went by way too fast! I'm ready for Christmas now so I can have an extra long weekend away from work and get to see all of our family. My mom left today for a 8 day cruise. I have to go check on her dog some because it's hunting season and Daddy stays gone for the most part at deer camp. Wow, how country does that make me sound?! LOL I'm not that bad... Just my family! Anyway, I need to go finish up some projects and make sure I have clothes to wear to work tomorrow! I'm Outtie!!

Today is the big day!!

Our Mega Freebie we've been working on is being released starting today!!! We decided to release it over 12 days (12 days of Christmas) and Ellie is doing her part first! She's already got it up and ready to be downloaded! Everything is a surprise so you just have to download to find out what kind of goodies you're getting! You won't be disappointed though... all of the ladies are awesome and came up with some amazing things!! Click here to go to the first portion!! Tomorrow will be Flergs part so check back for the link for it or go ahead and bookmark her... click on her blinkie in my sidebar to go her blog.

I have the second part of my freebie to match the strawberry alpha! I started naming them, this one says Part 2, so I won't get confused as I post more parts of it. Here's the preview of what's in today's download...

I'd love any feedback anyone has and of course Thank Yous if nothing else :)
It includes 3 textured papers, 2 flowers with rhinestone centers, one felt strawberry, and one journaling block

Well that's all for now! I've been super busy with holidays and making holiday cards and such so I have no layouts :( Hopefully I can get some done later!